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Your basem*nt may be filled with boxes and odds and ends right now, but with a little planning and a lot of creativity, you can redesign your small basem*nt and maximize the unused space. No matter your budget, there’s always a way to rethink and redesign your space.

Here are 15 layout ideas to transform your small basem*nt to fit the needs of you and your family.

Create a studio apartment

Your basem*nt apartment may be small, but if there’s space to add a full bathroom and a kitchen, then you could completely transform your basem*nt into a studio apartment.

Studio basem*nt apartments can function as in-law suites, should your parents or your in-laws need to move in, or they can be rented out, giving you an extra stream of income. If you do choose to rent out the space, make sure your remodel is up to all building codes (a good property management company like Atlas Lane can help you here).

Invest in multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture serves more than one purpose and can help you save space. If you can’t turn the basem*nt into a bedroom, add a pull-out sofa to the space. If you can’t fit a full table there, find one with folding leaves so you can expand it when needed and keep it tucked out of the way when you don’t.

Lay down runners and area rugs

Most homes have concrete floors and walls in their basem*nts, which can make for chilly mornings when you have people living in the space.

Make your mornings cozier by laying down area rugs and runners. The space will hold heat a little better, and you can add pops of color to spaces where you’re unable to paint the walls.

Entertain with a game room

If a studio apartment is too much for your small basem*nt, turn it into a game room. Pool tables come in smaller sizes, so if you cannot fit a full table, you can still fit a smaller one. Many game tables now have multiple tops for ping pong, pool and even air hockey, so you can get more entertainment out of a single table.

You can also install shelves and cabinets along the walls to store all other board and card games. If there’s limited space, add some floor pillows so you can sit comfortably on the floor, or add benches to your ping pong table so it can be turned into a gaming table when needed.

Mix it up with a bar

Want to really entertain? Add a wet bar to your basem*nt and turn it into a hangout space for you and your friends.

Provide a playroom for kids

Do you find yourself stepping on Hot Wheels cars or tripping over Barbie houses? Move all of those toys to the basem*nt and give your kids their own playroom. If there’s space, add a TV and a sofa for their video games and movies so the main floor of your home will be just a bit quieter.

Basem*nt playrooms are a favorite among families because they allow playtime to go on uninterrupted at the end of the day. Kids can leave their toys out and continue playing the next day — without risking your life by tripping or stepping on a toy.

Install sliding doors to divide up the room

If your basem*nt is one long room, then you don’t necessarily need to add a wall to create privacy and divide it into separate spaces. Instead, install sliding doors on a tract. When you have guests, the doors can slide across and give them some privacy from the rest of the space.

Give teens some privacy

If there’s one thing almost all teens want, it’s more privacy. Having a bedroom in the basem*nt provides teens with a little more privacy and more freedom to come and go at slightly irregular hours without bothering anyone. If you’ve got a teen that leaves early for school and comes home late after practice, then having a basem*nt bedroom might help you sleep past 6 a.m.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors make spaces feel more open and brighter. By reflecting light from the windows or fixtures, they tend to make the space feel bigger than it actually is. Hanging a few mirrors in your small basem*nt can open it up and create the illusion of more space.

Get working with a home office

If you’re working from home permanently or at least two or three times a week, then you’re going to want a private space where you can shut the door on all distractions.

Claiming the basem*nt as your home office gives you privacy to work in peace without other noises of the house distracting you. You also have complete control to design exactly what you need from your office, such as a standing desk, an exercise ball chair or your own printer and scanner,

Keep guests cozy with a finished bedroom

If everyone has a room upstairs, you can still add a guest bedroom to your basem*nt. This can be a cozy space where guests can enjoy a little bit of privacy and maybe have their own bathroom, if there’s room for it. Having this extra space for guests will make entertaining much less stressful on you and more comfortable for them.

Add tons of storage

If your basem*nt is just too small to entertain, then repurpose it as the ultimate walk-in closet.

Add built-in cabinets and shelves to store all holiday decorations and include clothing racks for seasonal clothing. You can also include filing cabinets to keep track of important tax documents and other records.

Work out with a home gym

Because basem*nts are naturally chilly, they make excellent workout spaces. If you’ve ever wanted to take up running or enjoy working out in the privacy of your own home, a home gym can help you stay healthy without having to drive anywhere or face difficult weather.

Watch movies in a home theater

If your basem*nt has at least one large, empty wall, then you’ve got everything you need to make a home theater in your basem*nt. You can either mount a TV on the wall or use a projector to enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen.

Store your wine collection

For wine connoisseurs, a small basem*nt can be the best place to keep your favorite bottles of wine stored at an ideal temperature. Here you can install your own wine fridge to keep your white wines chilled and ready for serving, and with the right temperature control, your reds will keep until you’re ready to pop the cork.

Think you want to rent out your new basem*nt apartment? Let the experts at Atlas Lane help. Contact us today to get started renting out your basem*nt apartment in Washington, DC.

15 Small Basem*nt Layout Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Home | Atlas Lane Blog (2024)
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