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Cenergy Health Insurance Company is one of the many companies offering competitive rates and affordable coverage. Each health insurance company has its own way of determining premium costs and coverage, as well as its own rules and limitations, exclusions and riders. Cenergy prides itself on being able to find an insurance plan for anyone.

If you are looking for health insurance, Cenergy may be a good fit for you and your needs. By learning a little bit about this company and what they have to offer, you will be able to decide if this provider will work for you and your family, or if you need to continue your search.

Although many people refer to the company as “Cenergy” health insurance company the true spelling of the company’s name is “Cinergy”. Click here to read the full review of the Cinergy health insurance company and then be sure and enter your zip code in above to start comparing health insurance quotes online for free!


Cenergy prides itself on providing quality, affordable health insurance to families in need of coverage. As the economic times have changed, so has Cenergy’s focus. They now focus on finding affordable alternatives for those families who otherwise would not be able to pay for health insurance coverage. They have put together several low cost plans that still give individuals and families access to quality care.

Though they offer a variety in their coverage, their main vision is to provide coverage for families who cannot afford a high deductible. This means that you may not get as many choices as you may like, but the coverage is still there. Be sure to understand all the policies when it comes to seeing a specialist or getting certain procedures done before you sign up so you don’t have any surprises when a need arises.

Plan Descriptions

Cenergy’s plans are Limited Medical Benefit Plans. This means that the basics are covered when it comes to medical needs, but not catastrophic needs. It is not major medical coverage. However, the typical family will receive most of the care that they need with a limited medical benefit plan. Keep in mind Cenergy allows you to add dental coverage and vision coverage to most plans as well.

With this provider, you are covered from your first appointment since there is no deductible. Their main plan is the Health Preferred Plan. It covers diagnostic testing, labs, x-rays, critical care, ICU, surgery, hospital stays, doctor’s visits, wellness checks, emergency room visits, preventive testing, accidents, and pregnancy. You can also add accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

With this plan you can choose what hospital and doctor you want to see without giving up any coverage or benefits. Since it is not a major medical plan, premiums are lower. This is the main way that Cenergy reduces costs for the insured. For those who do not have health benefits through an employer, cannot afford a high premium, or is currently on a plan where the deductible is too high, this may be the right choice.

Eligibility Requirements

When the company first designed its Preferred Plans, it had in mind the nearly 50 million Americans that do not have adequate coverage due to cost or lack of availability. Cenergy is licensed to provide coverage to anyone in the United States. Everyone is considered and is eligible regardless of pre-existing conditions. For some members, there is a six month waiting period, but everyone is charged the same premium rate until the age of 65.

Is Cenergy The Right Choice For You?

A good way to decide if a company is right for you is to make a list of what you want most from a health insurance company. Is customer service the most important thing? Do you want to stay with your current doctor? Do you want complete coverage from the first appointment? Deciding what you are willing to compromise on and what you are not willing to, will help you be ready to make your decision.

Frankly, a tour of the web reveals some member complaints. The company’s website is mainly blogs from member. You may want to look at some of those to see if the complaints are relevant to your needs, or just the sour grapes of a few folks. Also, use Standard and Poor’s is a good site that will assess the financial stability of any company you are considering.

When looking for health insurance coverage, it is a good idea to shop around. Shopping around will help you to make sure you are getting a fair price. If you are still deciding if Cenergy is right for you, you can use the comparison tool on this page right now. The comparison tool will allow you to see rates and quotes side by side.

Seeing things this way will help you choice the company that is right for you. If you still have questions after using the comparison tool, you can contact an independent agent who can answer your remaining questions. By understanding a little bit more about what the Cenergy Health Insurance Company has to offer, you are now equipped to make your decision. Why not start with your zip code in the box above with a single click now?

Cenergy Health Insurance Company - Health Insurance Providers (2024)
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