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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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The Gillette ProGlide was first named the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, then Fusion 5 ProGlide, and now it’s just called the Gillette ProGlide.

Even the Gillette Fusion had its name changed to Fusion5 after minor changes were made to the original Fusion.

Anyway, that’s some of the name-changing confusion out of the way so we can focus on this article‘Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide’. A comparison project to find what features are different, what is the same about these razors, and which one shaves best – or rather, what aspects of the shave stand out with each razor.

I have recently used and reviewed the Gillette Fusion 5, and then I started shaving with the Gillette ProGlide, which I also reviewed.

About the Fusion 5 and ProGlide

These razors are quite closely related, and I can see why Gillette first named the ProGlide, the Fusion 5 ProGlide. However, there are some significant differences that I will go into shortly.

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The Fusion was the first five-blade razor to come on the market in 2006, with Gillette statingfive blades offer morecomfort and reduce bulging, better than three blades. It seems the US company Schick beat Gillette to thefour-blade razor(Schick Quattro), so Gillette went one up and got you guys five blades. How many blades next, I wonder!

The ProGlide followed the Fusion some eight years later, in 2014 with quite a few changes made vs. the Fusion with both main components (i.e., handle and cartridge blade).

Similarities and Differences

The first obvious similarity is they both are a five-bladed razor, and then both have a lubrication strip on the top and a MicroFin rubber strip at the bottom. The Fusion and ProGlide also both share the same rubberized grip.

Fusion 5ProGlide
Handle GripFlexBall with Grip
Lubrication StripStandardLarge
MicroFin StripLargeSmaller Detailed Strip
SizeSlightly Longer and Wider than Fusion 5
WeightHeavier than ProGlide
Precision TrimmerYesYes
Cartridge Costs (x4 blades)$15$20

FlexBall Handle

The FlexBall feature is only found on the ProGlide. This feature enables the razor head to move side-to-side and aims to flow with the contours of the face. However, I could not see the movement at all when testing out the ProGlide and found it would need much more pressure than required and less lubrication to make the feature work. Yes, flexible head movement is great on electric razors because they shave dry, but I could not see any benefit with the ProGlide vs Fusion5 or any other cartridge razor.

Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide - Differences Compared Side-by-Side (3)

I do shave my head with cartridge razors, and it could be possible that the flexible head movement (FlexBall) helped at the back of the head, but I could not see this.

It could also be possible that the FlexBall head movement could be more beneficial for thicker beard growth; however, on three days of growth, I found no benefit and could not see its movement.

Lubrication Strip

Both razors have a lubrication strip at the top, offering extra protection while shaving.The ProGlide strip is slightly wider. However, I found this extra lubrication on this razor — as I did with the Mach3 Turbo (Mach3 vs. Mach3 Turbo), only made a difference on the first couple of shaves, and at first, it felt over lubricated. The lubrication preference will differ from person to person, and what other gel, shaving soap, or cream they are using.

Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide - Differences Compared Side-by-Side (4)
Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide - Differences Compared Side-by-Side (5)

If you like lubrication from the strips, the wider strip on the ProGlide will be helpful.

MicroFin Strip

The MicroFin strips on cartridge razors help guide the blades toward the skin and stretch the skin before the blades cut the hair.

This strip on the Fusion5 is considerably larger in width than on the ProGlide. The ProGlide MicroFin strip has more detailed rubber elements.

I prefer the bottom MicroFin strip on the ProGlide and find the Fusion5 is too wide. I guess I find the strip on the Mach3 is sufficient enough to stretch the skin a little, and both of the strips on the ProGlide and Fusion 5 don’t make a noticeable difference.

Weight and Size

The ProGlide is slightly longer, wider, and more weighty than the Fusion 5. The ProGlide feels more solid in the hand, and I like the extra weight.

I’m not sure the weight and size differences make that much difference though, in terms of how they shave.

Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide - Differences Compared Side-by-Side (6)

Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide Shave Experience

We have covered the similarities and differences in features of the ProGlide and Fusion 5 quite well, and all of this only really has meaning when testing out these shaving tools.

We need to compare the comfort, speed, closeness, ease of use, and overall end shaving result.

As usual, I have used and reviewed the Fusion 5 and ProGlide separately and then did a side-by-side shaving test.

I did find the Fusion5 an aggressive cartridge razor the first couple of times I used it. However, this may just have been about the skin adjusting to a new razor, which is normal.

When I used both razors together, there was very little difference between them and definitely no difference in the end result. I might have found the ProGlide slightly more comfortable, but that is a might.

I really wanted to be able to say wow, this ProGlide is so much more comfortable and gives a faster shave. Unfortunately, maybe only slightly more comfortable is all I can report for the ProGlide!

Both the Fusion 5 and ProGlide give a very close shave and fast.

ProGlide vs Fusion 5 Costs

We won’t look at the costs of the initial handle and razor purchase because that is just a one-off cost and not the best measurement compared to buying cartridge blades regularly.

In the US, Gillette’s website price for a four blade pack is $15 (Fusion5) and $20 (ProGlide). That is considerably more for the ProGlide blades.

We are not comparing the Mach3 here, but if we did then blades for the Mach3 cost $10. So, ProGlide blades are double the price of Mach3 blades.

While I do prefer the ProGlide, an extra 35% a pack? I’m not sure that’s a good deal when counting the costs over a year.

Final Thoughts – Which Razor is Best?

The Gillette ProGlide does look better and has enhanced features compared to the Gillette Fusion5. The ProGlide handle and its FlexBall are among these enhanced features. However, I found very little difference between them when shaving.

I would give the ProGlide the advantage on the comfort score while shaving. But, I guess if a buyer is okay with paying an extra 35% for each pack of blades for this little extra comfort, then go for the ProGlide.

If I wanted to save $5 the next time I bought a pack of cartridge blades, then I would go with the Fusion 5.


I'm the chief shaverer over here at ShavingAdvisor and when I am not shaving off any hair I have left, or writing about what I have shaved off – I do a load of other life stuff and enjoy a good cup of tea between doing stuff!

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Gillette Fusion 5 vs ProGlide - Differences Compared Side-by-Side? ›

What's the Difference Between Fusion5 and ProGlide Blades? Our ProGlide Razor Blades too have an enhanced Lubrastrip with even more lubricants than our Fusion5 blades for an even smoother glide across your face.

What is the difference between Fusion 5 and ProGlide 5? ›

What's the Difference Between Fusion5 and ProGlide Blades? Our ProGlide Razor Blades too have an enhanced Lubrastrip with even more lubricants than our Fusion5 blades for an even smoother glide across your face.

Are Fusion 5 and ProGlide blades interchangeable? ›

Additionally, all power razor cartridges are interchangeable with their base manual cartridge, and in the case of the Fusion family of razors (Fusion, ProGlide, and Styler), all Fusion cartridges will fit all Fusion handles. Learn which blades are compatible with your handle. Was this answer helpful?

Is Gillette Fusion the same as ProGlide? ›

The Fusion is the original Gillette 5-blade razor, released in 2006, and the ProGlide is a Fusion razor with re-engineered blades released in 2010. There's a good summary of the various models on the Wikipedia page. If you have sensitive skin then you may want to consider reducing the number of blades per cartridge.

What is the difference between Gillette Fusion and Fusion 5? ›

The Gillette Fusion5 is a slightly more advanced version of the original Fusion blade. The Fusion5 also has five blades, but the main difference here is that the blades are thinner and lighter in weight. The extended lubricating strip also provides an extra amount of protection over your face to keep irritation at bay.

Which fusion razor is best? ›

If you want a closer shave and don't mind spending up to $4 per cartridge, Gillette's Fusion5 is a potentially worthy upgrade. Six of our testers thought it was one of the best razors they tried, thanks to its five blades and how close it shaves, plus a trimming edge on the other side of the cartridge.

What is Gillette Fusion 5 used for? ›

Our Fusion5 Razor has a trimmer on the back of the blade for precision styling. Plus, you can use it to shape your facial hair. The Fusion5's easy-to-grip handle gives you complete control, even with wet hands. With our Fusion5 razor and blade refills, you can get a great shave at a great price.

Why is Gillette ProGlide so expensive? ›

Razors like the ProGlide take years of study before a prototype is made and tested. “The complexity, length of time, and the cost of the [research and development] process is what factors into cost,” Vanoosthuyze says. “It looks so simple and so intuitive, yet it is so complex in its design and development process.

Can I use Gillette Fusion 5 blades on a Gillette Fusion razor? ›

Will Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor blade refills fit any other razors on the market? Yes, all Fusion5 blades fit all Fusion5 and Fusion5 Power razors.

Why is Gillette Fusion so expensive? ›

This precision of its design is the main reason why razors are so expensive. To make them, it all starts with fine sheets of steel that are ground so they're super sharp to the tip and sturdy at its base. Ultimately, the blades have to be paper-thin yet strong enough to cut through coarse facial hair (1/10" mm thick).

Is Gillette Fusion 5 good for balls? ›

Gillette Fusion5

The cartridge is capable of pivoting in multiple directions and opens the lane for longer strokes to lessen the shaving time. Thinner blades are used for decreased facial resistance, which translates well on the balls.

What year did Gillette Fusion 5 come out? ›

Gillette Fusion is a five-bladed razor released in 2006. The Fusion has five blades on the front and a single sixth blade on the rear for precision trimming.

How often should you change Gillette Fusion 5 blades? ›

5-Blade Razors: For a comfortable shave, we recommend replacing the blades used in our 5-blade razors (such as our Fusion5 and ProGlide ranges) after 20 shaves. 3-Blade Razors: For our 3-blade razors (such as our Mach3 range), we recommend changing your razor blade heads after around 15 shaves.

Is Fusion 5 ProGlide good? ›

The Fusion 5 gives a definite better shave compared to the standard Fusion ProGlide I feel great after a shave with a clear and really smooth shave. I have always been happy with Gillete razors but this one is really superior for smooth cut.

Why is Gillette Fusion 5 expensive? ›

This precision of its design is the main reason why razors are so expensive. To make them, it all starts with fine sheets of steel that are ground so they're super sharp to the tip and sturdy at its base. Ultimately, the blades have to be paper-thin yet strong enough to cut through coarse facial hair (1/10" mm thick).

What is Fusion 5 ProGlide? ›

Our ProGlide Men's Razor with FlexBall technology moves with every angle of your face for a shave that's close and comfortable. Our ProGlide Razor has five of our sharpest and thinnest (first 4 blades) anti-friction blades to get virtually every hair.

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