TUI Baggage Allowance: A guide for your next flight (2024)

TUI offers different amounts of checked baggage depending on the ticket type you buy. Make sure you know the baggage weight and luggage size allowed under your ticket type, to avoid paying additional fees when you check-in.

This guide gives all you need to know about TUI’s checked baggage fees, and hand luggage rules, to get you started, and save you money in fees. You can also cut the costs of travelling with a Wise multi-currency account and linked Mastercard, which lets you spend in dozens of different currencies for a low transparent fee.

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TUI baggage size

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that TUI is a large tour operator, including tour companies, hotels and resorts, as well as offering flights.¹ The information in this guide is taken from TUI Airways, and refers to flights which TUI operate, rather than flights with other carriers which may be sold as part of package tours.

The exact baggage allowances and options available may vary depending on the route you take, and the ticket type you hold, so you’ll need to double check the details for your destination before you head to the airport.

Let’s take a look at the baggage size and weight options you’re likely to have when you fly with TUI.²

TUI hand luggage allowance

You can bring a single item of hand luggage, which can weigh up to 10 kilograms, and be up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size. You’ll need to be able to lift this bag into the overhead locker.

It’s worth emphasising that TUI’s rules are different to those on some other airlines. Whereas other companies may allow one bag, plus your normal essentials like a handbag, or your duty free shopping, TUI’s rules stress that you’re really only allowed one bag in the plane cabin. That means you have to fit your handbag and anything you buy at the airport into this one single cabin bag when you board the flight.

TUI hold luggage allowance

Your ticket will specify the luggage allowance you have. If you’ve booked a holiday with TUI which is usually 15kg or 20kg depending on the flight route and ticket type.

Premium Club ticket holders may get a higher allowance - up to 23kg. This will be detailed on the ticket. If you have a flight only fare, your ticket class does not include any hold baggage - you’ll have or buy extra baggage if you want to bring hold bags.

What is hold luggage?

Hold luggage is checked in and transported in the hold of the aeroplane. You’ll then get your bag back from the luggage carousel when you arrive. Make sure any flight essentials - as well as your valuables - are put in your hand luggage, as you won’t be able to access your hold bags during the flight.

What is checked luggage?

The terms checked luggage and hold luggage are used interchangeably. The meaning of both phrases is the same.

TUI extra baggage allowance

You can buy extra baggage allowance if you need it. You’ll need to log into the TUI website to do this, and enter your flight details to see the price of your additional luggage.

TUI extra baggage cost

The cost of your extra baggage is calculated according to the weight and route. It’s likely to be cheaper to buy your extra bags online, rather than at the airport when you check in.

TUI baggage fees

It’s worth noting that TUI will likely charge you more if you arrive at the airport with more bags than you have booked in advance. Don’t get caught out.

If you arrive at the airport with heavier bags that covered by your allowance, you can expect to pay the following:

  • Short haul flights - £13 per kilo overweight
  • Mid haul flights - £15 per kilo overweight
  • Long haul flights - £18 per kilo overweight

TUI baggage policy

TUI Group includes TUI’s own airline as well as tour companies which may sell flights with other carriers. If you’re taking a flight with a different carrier as part of your trip, you’ll need to look at their restrictions as well as those imposed by TUI.

What can I take in hand luggage on TUI?

The rules about what can be taken onto a plane as hand luggage are set by TUI in accordance with the UK government’s own guidelines. Here’s a look at some of the most important points you should know about.

  • Most liquids must be under 100ml, and in a resealable bag which is around 20cmx20cm. There are exceptions for duty free, some medicines, and baby milk.
  • Items like prams, pushchairs or wheelchairs can usually be taken as hand luggage but must be security screened.
  • Rules around electronic items vary according to the country you’re flying to - check specific information for your destination. Make sure your electronics are charged so they can be turned on by security staff if necessary.

What is not allowed in hand luggage?

There are some items which are not allowed into an airplane cabin under any circ*mstances. You’ll be able to find details of these items in the airport, or online. Here are some of the things you can’t take on a flight as hand luggage:

  • Dangerous liquids
  • Batteries
  • Lighters
  • Explosive items
  • Magnetic items³

There are also items which are not allowed on planes at all, either as hand luggage or in the holg, under UK law.⁴ Get full information of what can - and can’t - be taken on your flight, from your airline.

Flying with a bike on TUI

You may be able to fly with your bike on a TUI flight, but you’ll need to book it in advance, and pay an extra fee.² There are rules about how the bike must be packed for transportation, too. Get all you need online on the TUI website.

Flying with a cat or dog on TUI

Whether or not you can fly with a pet on TUI will depend on the route and exactly which airline is operating the flight.

One of TUI’s brands - TUI Fly - does allow pets on board. In this case, if your pet is under 6kg - including its carrier - you may be able to carry it onto the plane yourself. However, larger animals will be carried in the hold. You’ll pay EUR 40 or more for a pet in the cabin, and EUR 60 for pets travelling in the hold. There are extra fees if you do not book this service in advance.⁵

For other TUI airline brands, including TUI Airways, you’ll need to check the policy on pet travel with customer services when booking. And, don’t forget to check if your pet needs a pet passport in order to join you on your travels.

Customer Service: TUI

Call TUI customer service on +44 (0)203 451 2688. You can also use Twitter or Facebook, or your preferred social media channel to talk to TUI.⁶

Get your baggage sorted as soon as possible, to make sure you have enough allowance to cover all you need for your break. This could save you money - and will certainly be less stressful than making arrangements at the airport.

You can also save time and money with a Wise multi-currency account and linked Mastercard, for simple spending while you’re abroad. Cut your costs and make life easier with Wise.

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TUI Baggage Allowance: A guide for your next flight (2024)
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