12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (2024)

Teen boy bedroom ideas: from color schemes to cool art ideas, walk away with ideas to create a modern teenage guy room.

As I was getting inspiration for my son's bedroom update I realized how hard it was to find inspiration and ideas for a boy's room that I loved. There's tons of great teen girl bedroom ideas (so much, that I had to write a post about it), but not so many teenage boy room ideas.

So, because I had a problem finding great inspiration and even fun decor accents for Greyson's teen boy room update, I decided to do a deep dive and find inspiration and share it!

12 Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Whether you are looking for ways to add a gaming desk into a bedroom or just want to incorporate unique art ideas, these twelve teenage boy room ideas will give you lots of inspiration.

1. Cool bedroom vibe

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I really love this modern vintage teenage boys room. It doesn't have any specific theme to it, it just gives off all the cool room decorating vibes. When you can mix bold colors in darker hues, collected art and vintage finds... to me, that's the magic sauce to all spaces.

2. Pegboards for art display in teen boy room

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (2)

I'm sure most of you know that this is my son's teenage boy bedroom. I really loved coming up with the idea of two cork boards to display art, photos, and more. You could easily take this look to the next level by building out a larger wood frame around the peg boards or even just mounting the cork board to the wall.

3. Color blocked wall treatment

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (3)

I'm not a stranger to color-blocked green walls, I actually did a very similar look in our guest bedroom. But, I honestly think the color-blocked wall treatment pulls off the cool bedroom vibe without trying too hard, which I think is what most teenagers are going for.

4. Add an out of the box idea for a boy room

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (4)

Is a hanging bed like a water bed for those of us who were born in the 70s/80s? Ha! I actually think this is so fun! I think a hanging bed could pull more to a younger kids room idea. The decor style of this one, with the metal, really gives off that urban-modern feel. Also, take note how eclectic this teenage boy room is. Most items are mismatched but elements of certain styles are repeated. It's cool, right?!

5. Personalized art to reflect personal style

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (5)

Again, spy the half-painted green walls... it's a good look! I want to point out the personalized art. Honestly, if you have a teen boy who is creating art, frame those pieces. If they are creating it, they are inspired by it. We take this advice ourselves and you can see more ideas for framing kids art in Greyson's room reveal!

6. Sports decor but make it functional

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (6)

I think this basketball decor idea is so much fun! Would it be actually used for laundry or would the laundry go on the floor next to the bin? TBD on that one. But, for a sports-loving kid, I think this is a fun art " moment" for a room

7. Elevated sports decor theme

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (7)

Just like with our sports-themed basem*nt where we tried to level up the sports decor with projects like our stadium bucket list and our pennant art, this room has done the same. I love the idea of mounting balls (even did this in our basem*nt with a football) and placing cool stadium art next to it. This is a really affordable art idea that also gives you a functional way to store balls that could be used as well.

8. 3d art elements

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (8)

At first, your eye may be drawn to the basketball board but that's not what I want to point out. Look at how the skateboards are mounted. I absolutely love this idea. Yes, they bought matching skateboards to do this, but it's a deliberate art installation idea. It's a gentle reminder to think outside the box with what your teen boy is into and lean into that for art!

9. Mood lighting in boys rooms

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (9)

If you haven't got a teen that is into LED lighting, consider yourself lucky. =) Honestly, LED lighting is pretty hard to add and include cohesively in a room that doesn't scream "teen room" only. I think a large scale art piece (like this one) is neat and to have the LED lighting behind the art as a "frame" to the piece is such a great idea.

10. Desk in bedroom for creating art or homework

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (10)

Whether your teen needs a quiet space to do homework or is into art or model airplane building, a desk setup just for them is a great addition to any boy room! Add in some quirky art and a lamp and you have a welcoming space to, really, any room.

11. Collected but simple art to show personality

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (11)

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this cool bedroom is that it feels very collected and personality-driven. More than anything, I think a teen boy room needs to be driven by the teen in terms of what the interests are.

12. A non-ugly gamer desk setup

12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (12)

Is a modern teenage guy room complete without a gamer desk? We are just getting into this phase of life. I've found that the gaming desk setups are mostly super ugly and the LED lighting is pretty darn intense. I found this awesome setup to inspire all of us to find ways to make screens and other computer equipment less in your face and more thoughtful.

There you have it, lots of teen boy bedroom ideas to take and implement!

Need more inspiration?

A few weeks ago, I did a teenage girl bedroom round-up so check that out if you want to see even more ideas. And, make sure to check out Greyson's teenage boy bedroom. We used Farrow and Ball Light Blue because he wanted to include more color in his room and it's a subtle blue green color that looks really nice!






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12 Modern Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas That He'll Love (2024)
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